High Impact Teambuilding is a fun filled experiential journey about people working as a team to meet the organizational deliverables. Teams will be exposed to ideas and concept of working professionally despite the differences and staying focused on the big picture. The program incorporates interesting outdoor and indoor team challenges that will take participants through Read more about Teambuilding[…]

Leadership Skills

The nature of leadership in the 21st Century is changing. Societies and organizations are demanding leaders who can generate trust, empower and inspire others, find innovative answers to problems and challenges and produce tangibly positive results. Increasingly, individual leaders and organizations face challenges that are dauntingly complex in scale. Helping them lead effectively in this Read more about Leadership Skills[…]

Teamwork, Organisational and Leadership Skills

We all live and work in groups in our personal, professional and community life. Any organisation benefits if the group of people working in it, can be transformed into self-managing teams whereby every individual knows their role, responsibility and contributes towards better organisational effectiveness, performance and productivity. Personal effectiveness of each member of the team Read more about Teamwork, Organisational and Leadership Skills[…]

Cross-cultural Competence

In the international marketplace and workplace, the globe becomes ‘smaller’ and boundaries ‘disappear’, different people from different cultures will be forced to live side-by-side, work and play together, and do business with one another. The more this happens, the awareness of cultural difference is vital for success. Cultural Competence helps you to understand how and why people Read more about Cross-cultural Competence[…]