Sales Coaching

Developmental Sales Coaching is a program that increases one’s effectiveness as a leader and manager. The Manager will learn how to achieve results through the team, how to have performance-related conversation and create an accountable culture within their team. The scope of the training covers sales coaching framework and techniques, identify and remove obstacles that Read more about Sales Coaching[…]

Fundamentals of Project Management

As a basic level course, it introduces the required project management principles for project planning and implementation. Its benefit to any project executive is that the knowledge learned enables that trainee to return to office and properly execute their projects. Participants to this workshop will:- Learn the key concepts for managing a small to mid-size Read more about Fundamentals of Project Management[…]

A Project Management Overview – For Project Directors

This course has been designed to cater for a specific audience – the project director. A project director is the person who must have a macro view of every project under their oversight. And this course presents project management in a macro view. This enables the trainee to learn vital info on delivery, contracts and Read more about A Project Management Overview – For Project Directors[…]

Project Compliance

Many a project suffers from non-acceptance of one or more of their deliverables upon completion. A major issue is non-compliance to project requirements. This course bridges the knowledge gap in this aspect. It shows how to achieve project compliance as a project progresses. (It is taken after the 3 days “Planning & Managing Projects” course). Read more about Project Compliance[…]

Corporate Financial Intelligence

In today’s competitive global economy, the role of Leaders has expanded, demanding a dynamic blend of leadership skills, strategic thinking and finance expertise. Increasingly, the top executives of organisations are required to be forward-looking, with a broadened perspective that goes beyond financial literacy to encompass enterprise-wide concerns. Financial Skills for Leadership provides senior executives with Read more about Corporate Financial Intelligence[…]

Cross Culture – A Global Perspective

This cross-culture session will help participants unpack the cross-cultural gaps especially adapting to the various countries. Cross-cultural competence is described as one of the many tools of soft power that includes the “exchange of ideas, information, art and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples in order to foster mutual understanding. Understanding and Read more about Cross Culture – A Global Perspective[…]

Leader as Coach

This is a 2-day highly experiential leadership development and personal growth workshop. The workshop is designed to equip managers and leaders with timeless coaching skills to coach others for positive change and accelerated performance. The participants acquire competencies to engage in coaching conversations that results in increased awareness, improved empowerment, and engagement for peak performance Read more about Leader as Coach[…]

Conversational Intelligence for Leaders C-IQ

The workshop is designed for managers and leaders to master conversational skills that foster closer connection, build trust, create impact and achieve extraordinary results. The Neuroscience of Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) has been time tested, and its tools would be used to enable participants to start to use conversation not just as a means to convey Read more about Conversational Intelligence for Leaders C-IQ[…]

Strategic Agility for Effective Leadership

Leaders typically have static strategic plans and success measures that become obsolete as soon as they are completed. Modern leadership requires agility and well-implemented innovation to respond to the ever-accelerating needs of organizations. This course aims to provide the awareness and tools to leverage strategy into agility. It reviews benefits and drawbacks of strategic plans. Read more about Strategic Agility for Effective Leadership[…]