Communication Skills for Customer Servicing

Since time immemorial, those of us in the service industry have been indoctrinated with the adage, “Customer is Always Right”. Whilst some may choose to disagree, the reality is that said service industries’ existence is based on their ability to sustain their customer base. Whilst there are numerous courses on effective customer servicing, ours is designed around one major component, that is on how an individual communicates or responds to a customer. We find that in many industries, customer satisfaction could be severely impacted by simply a wrong choice in words or even the intonation in a response to their needs. This course will help individual frontline staff better understand customer requirements, their motivations and respond in a manner that can help improve customer delight. We will cover the importance of patience, improving listening skills, clearly communicating your decision and using positive language when the inevitable response has to be a ‘No’. We will cover case studies based on industries, and role play for participants to understand where their possible gaps are and how best to close these gaps.