Grow Your Talent to Grow Your Business

Attracting and recruiting talent is vital to any company’s success. Vast amount of resources go into getting this right. But many companies miss out on a more holistic approach to talent retention and thus, fail to see the need of their new employee’s personal development. While much effort is put into hiring, companies miss out on focusing on the young employee’s developmental pathway when they start as a new employee. Many times, this can lead to newly recruited employees, the tech savvy Millennials, who are high potentials, to get disillusioned, dis-engagement and resign and thus, losing your key talent to your competitors. This workshop is to enable new employees, who are high potential, to get “grounded” and become a team player within their team and with their employer. Through the workshop, they gain confidence, get alignment to employer’s expectations and acquire soft skills needed to function and contribute within the team.