Leadership Empowerment for Women

Ever wondered why some women don’t reach their full potential, despite the best training, skills, support and effort? They know what to do and how to do it and they’re out there doing it — and still not achieving the desired results! Clearly there’s more to success than skill, knowledge and action! This is the domain of this empowerment course-with-a-difference. Most women know the theory of what to do in order to have success. But it’s who they are BEING as a woman in relation to their work and their attitudes and beliefs that ultimately supports or sabotages their efforts. The difficulty is that our own obstacles are largely invisible to us. The empowerment process is to show women what they currently cannot see, for example, where they are not speaking up or where they perceive a personal trait as a weakness instead of leveraging its strength. The empowerment process is aimed at taking women to their next level of understanding, dynamics and performance. It takes women on a journey of discovery to gain insight and power. This creates a new context of possibility and opportunity. It also enables them to have authentic conversations, and benefit from the feedback of other women in a safe and constructive way that creates powerful new paradigms and enhanced performance.