Leadership Skills

The nature of leadership in the 21st Century is changing. Societies and organizations are demanding leaders who can generate trust, empower and inspire others, find innovative answers to problems and challenges and produce tangibly positive results. Increasingly, individual leaders and organizations face challenges that are dauntingly complex in scale. Helping them lead effectively in this climate requires the courage to change and a commitment to innovation. The need for strong leadership has never been greater than now and that the traditional mind-set as manager has to be drastically shifted to that of Leader. There is a need to create and establish a keen understanding of the distinctive difference between “Leadership” and “Management”. Chief among the distinctive difference between the two, is that Leadership is about behavior while Management is about process. Good leaders are followed chiefly because of integrity and patriotism, so people trust and respect them. This leadership development intervention is designed “to develop the leadership capacity within the Organization and to expose participants to new thinking in leadership. It also aims to improve knowledge, skill and ability required to encourage and nurture those they lead, improve decision-making and continuing leadership growth on a personal level”. This workshop is designed for each individual and the team to elevate, expand, apply and demonstrate a higher level and more effective quality of leadership.