Leading Performance through Behavioural Change

There are many ways to improve a team performance in achieving organizational aspirations. Some organisations tend to manage through hiring the right people, streamlining processes, technological innovation, training and reskilling and reallocating resources through load balancing. All of these take a considerable time to design and execute. In this course, we will discuss one very quick component which can help turnaround performance much quicker, i.e. through behavioural change. This helps People or Line Managers identify the right behaviors that will ensure team success, leading towards meeting organizational aspirations or goals. The right behaviours naturally need to be rewarded to ensure sustainability. In this regard, this course will enable discussion and deliberation best practices and define the most suitable approach in sustaining such momentum. As we are conscious that costs in managing parallel rewards systems could be a cause for concern. Hence this course will help participants understand that monetary rewards may not always be the only solution, hence a holistic and creative solution could strike the balance between both organizational and individual aspirations.