October 2, 2016





Our regular clients from across the globe and the participants who attended our courses have provided testimonials to commend our trainers and courses.


“If Strategic Negotiation is an art (and I believe it is), then Shanta is the Master Artist, for with sophistication and professionalism, ease of learning facilitation and a humble display of wisdom, she attracts your interest and engages your attention in her Strategic Negotiation Training Workshop. And so, you are left with a convincing picture of yourself as a strategic negotiator, confident in your new found skills and bolstered by your commitment to ensuring that all are winners at each negotiation table.”


management-institute-of-national-development-mind-jamaicaRuby Brown,

Chief Executive Officer,

Management Institute for National Development (MIND), Jamaica

“The training was an extremely rewarding experience! Although I have attended leadership training elsewhere, Shanta’s delivery, particularly the use of experiential learning and real cases makes the lessons much more meaningful. At the end of each day, I was able to apply the lessons learnt in the most practical way…I am a much better leader.  I have recently been privileged to share the lessons learned from Shanta with the lady leaders in Kenya’s agriculture sector! Moreover I share the lessons with my team at Tea Board of Kenya everyday!”


untitled-1Sicily K. Kariuki, Managing Director,

Tea Board of Kenya, Kenya

(who is now Principal Secretary, Agriculture, Kenya)

“Shanta is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with.  Her workshops are engaging and transformative for participants.  When I sit with participants at the end of her training to hear their feedback, it’s always extremely positive.  More importantly, people actually change their work or behavior as a result.  Our organization will continue to work with her for a long time to come.”


institute-of-international-education-ethiopiaCheryl Francisconi,


Institute of International Education-Ethiopia

“……..the skills acquired in the negotiations workshop come fresh each time I enter into any formal negotiations as a lead maritime transport and logistics consultant for CPCS, a lead service provider in Africa for infrastructure development through PPP Transactions, where I serve as technical adviser during negotiations for major contracts between governments and private sector operators of substantial contract values. What I learnt provided for me the basic foundation for skilful negotiations especially in dealing with issues as they arise. I must say that while the private sector operators usually have excellent negotiating skills, the public sector partners usually rely on consultants as advisors to maximise benefits of the deal. The 2- week long course was punctuated by examples and real life simulations. It was not only informative but was also fun.”


cpcs-transcom-of-canadaIbrahima Jangana,

Maritime Transport and Logistics Consultant,

CPCS Transcom of Canada

“I had the opportunity of working with Shanta during one of her workshops in Cyprus….an experience I will never forget. Shanta is a professional with a heart. With empathy she grasps the needs of each participant and brings her points over in a positive and determined way. I would love to do another workshop with Shanta…she has a lovely personality which fills the whole room…always with a smile…”


Regina Paparistodemou,

PA to General Manager,

Thanos Club Hotels Ltd (Anassa), Cyprus

“Shanta’s programme and my association with her has helped me to grow professionally and improve personal standards.”


department-of-planning-jamaicaCandice Rochester,

Director (acting) Commercial Affairs Division,

Attorney General’s Chambers, Jamaica

“Thank you also for the wonderful training!  I hope we can continue to do more of this type of training and I am very happy that the group was motivated.”


population-council-ethiopia1Annabel Erulkar,

Senior Associate & Country Director,

Population Council,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“I’d like to say a big Thank You to you for your excellent workshop on Strategic negotiation Skills. As a manager / leader of a big team of 200 staff, I need these negotiation skills and now I feel confident to perform my duties and tasks as I was equipped with these important skills. When I come back from the States, I joined my office on the first of July. And it happened that the timing is good for me (or the either way) as the old project ended in June and new project started in July. So I’m responsible for the donor reporting both financial and narrative reports. At the same time, I’m responsible for new budgeting, and staff recruitment followed by orientation workshop and a series of trainings. You can imagine how busy I am! I found it very useful to apply the tactics for strategic negotiation whenever I was in dilemma or not sure what to decide. And I always keep in mind that I still can use the BATNA! I’m sure the skills I learned from your training will be polishing my professional life. I’m grateful to you for that.”


Mar Mar Thwin

Education Programme Manager

Save the Children Myanmar


“Ivan is meticulous in designing and implementing his programme, ensuring every step is well orchestrated while having fun at the same time. It’s worth mentioning that we have engaged Ivan two years in a row primarily because of his focus and commitment to delivering the high standards that we demand from such an activity – this year has been no exception – he was evaluated exceptionally well by my people!”


energizerMike Foong

Managing Director

Energizer Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia

“People are always at ease with Ivan and it is this talent that makes the programme so much more meaningful for the participants. Learning takes place much faster when such an atmosphere exist”


General Manager

Leading Oil & Gas Company Malaysia

“Our people were fired up all through the programme and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The activities were well paced and the facilitators were very engaging indeed. Despite the weather, it did not dampen the programme at all, in fact, it may have added to the excitement. We have become much more closer as a team after the programme.”


%ef%82%a7agensi-angkasa-negaraPuan Azreena Binti Ahmad


Agensi Angkasa Negara (ANGKASA) Malaysia

“Ivan had to develop a customized teambuilding activity – just one unique activity conducted over 4 hours for 60 engineers and sales personnel from all over the world. This teambuilding activity was unique, engaging and fun despite the restrictions (time, venue) placed on Ivan.”


Katarina Brandt

Marketing Executive SIEMENS Malaysia


“I especially was impressed with the approach with which Ivan managed to pull the whole group together in spite of the ‘divisions’ – it’s a great feeling to see my people working as one for a common cause and not letting personal agendas get in the way”


cimb-bankPeter England

Head Retail Banking

CIMB Bank Malaysia

“I was impressed with the commitment by the facilitators to craft the program to fit in with the profile of the participants, and the efforts made to find the appropriate activities to communicate the key lessons in teambuilding”



Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council (MREPC) Malaysia

“Although we had only half-a-day of teambuilding, it was sufficient to achieve our objective for their brief teambuilding encounter, which was…”together everyone achieves more”. The activities were appropriately designed to ‘rally the troops’ and to engage all the teachers from the start to the very end. I may want to look at this sort of teambuilding for our student body.”


principalMrs. Tapscott


SAYFOL International School Malaysia


“When I took over as president of the Bangsar Chapter, the first order of the day was to get the members to think as a team and this teambuilding programme did just that. It’s hard to imagine what just one day of teambuilding can do for a group of people.”


Puan Noraini


Soroptimist International Bangsar Chapter Malaysia



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