Performance Coaching – Good to Great to Excellent!

A common misnomer in Performance Management is that Performance based Coaching happens only during annual performance discussions. In our course, we help People Managers increase their awareness that Performance Coaching is a journey and needs to be done at the right time with the right talent. The right time could be throughout the duration of a period, at regular intervals until the expected improvements begin to manifest. This course will also help people understand the difference in 4 coaching styles and how this will impact performance. Whilst we will discuss situational leadership in coaching, our primary focus would be on the collaborative and in some instances, laissez faire coaching style. We help Leaders understand that coaching is about encouraging their people to find solutions, by empowering them. This creates a sense of ownership in their team members and fosters an environment of joint responsibility and accountability. Our course helps Managers understand that an effective performance culture can only be driven through an environment that encourages a feedback mechanism that is complemented by an equitable recognition program.