Teamwork, Organisational and Leadership Skills

We all live and work in groups in our personal, professional and community life. Any organisation benefits if the group of people working in it, can be transformed into self-managing teams whereby every individual knows their role, responsibility and contributes towards better organisational effectiveness, performance and productivity. Personal effectiveness of each member of the team is the foundation for team excellence.

In order to be a good team player, an individual must feel motivated to be part of the team, accept his responsibilities and play his/her role in the organization. It needs a combination of the right attitude, knowledge and skills. Mere carrying out of one’s own work within one’s own job boundaries is insufficient – one then needs to be able to nurture and manage all the relationships in the workplace, both personal and professional, within the team and company.

A team leader inspires people to do and be better – they lead by example, delegating responsibilities and duties in a way that motivates their staff. Organizations need effective people with the right skills because they are potential ‘ring masters’