Positive Work Culture

Organisations today face many challenges, from both the internal and external environment. One of the most prevalent concerns in the internal environment is the work culture of the employees, which has given rise to dissatisfaction and complaints by the top management as well as the external customers. Work culture that is negative and dull is manifested in demotivated employees, low performance and productivity, conflict in the workplace and a lack of interest in the organisation’s goals and aspirations.

As a result, the attitude and behavior of the employees is one of wasting company time and resources, rudeness to customers and colleagues, marking time only, no sense of urgency, lack of punctuality and tardiness with regard to appointments and assignments and a general “I couldn’t care less” attitude. Some may be influenced by colleagues who have a negative work culture or the deadwood in the organization.

There is a general disregard, lack or ignorance of the organisational culture, core values, expectations, work ethics and work habits. This workshop focuses on the need for a positive work culture through work habits and ethics in carrying out one’s professional duties, and when dealing with both internal and external customers. It highlights good communication practices especially listening, positive traits like discipline, punctuality, reliability, courtesy, commitment, creativity and teamwork.