Six Thinking Hats® for Enhancing Quality Thinking

The Six Thinking Hats® is a powerful thinking technique. Dr. de Bono has taken the complex process of thinking and provided a simple template in the Six Hats® to enhance individual and group thinking skills. His research has identified that there are six types of thinking that we do and he has devised the hats to represent the different thinking that we do. This allows individuals to organize their thinking and move towards more effective thinking. This effectiveness is represented in quicker and more effective planning, problem solving, teamworking, seeking new improvements, meetings, decisions and even day to day communications. The Six Hats® technique also aids in removing conflict when groups have to discuss options and ensures that all possible alternatives are considered. It starts the journey to creativity and innovations by providing a template to enhance thinking skills. In summary it helps to increase the quality, productivity and creativity through enhancing individual and group thinking skills.