HR for Non HR Managers

Human Resources as a topic, has always remained a “mystery” of sorts for non HR Practitioners. Commonly, many people are unable to see the direct value in the initiatives and interventions provided by HR., that will provide the audience with the understanding of the HR function and how this will add value to their business/ functions. This will provide Line Managers with a better understanding of how HR contributes directly to the success of their business. This is essentially a 8 module workshop that needs to be covered over 4 days, which is meant to provide a full view of the overall employee lifecycle (cradle to grave), but the approach is to first cover 4 modules of 2 days and after a suitable interval, we will cover the other 4 modules over another 2 days. The phased-out approach is essential for Line Managers to not feel strained with possible information overload and to focus on immediate need of the organization based on criticality of outcomes.